The current conflict situation in Kasese from April, 3, 2016 up to date (6th, April, 2016)

RFPJ in her work and mandate in dealing with issues of peace building, violence prevention and conflict management, RFPJ continues to take a closer look at the conflict situation in Kasese district. This  information is vital in calling various stakeholders who partner with RFPJ to have an informed point  of view while responding to this specific situation.

On  3rd-April, 2016 – Royal guards attacked and killed two UPDF soldiers and one Boda Boda man. The army has explained the Sunday evening bloody clashes in which four people including two soldiers, a Rwenzururu Royal Guard and a boda boda rider died around the palace.
The Mbarara-based Army Second Division spokesperson, Maj.Roland Kakurungu, said the clashes started when Rwenzururu Royal Guards ambushed two soldiers who were on foot on their way from Kilembe to their unit at Katadoba.

4th –April-2016 – Rwenzururu king hands over 3 guns captured to UPDF  during   the Sunday incident. According to the king, the guns were used by the royal guards to defend the palace after a UPDF soldier who was guarding the palace shot and killed a royal guard after a scuffle.

6th –April, 2016 -UPDF withdraws royal guards from Rwenzururu kingdom. Following the violent clashes that occurred between UPDF officers and Rwenzururu traditional royal guards on Sunday afternoon, all UPDF guards attached to the kingdom have been withdrawn.

2 Responses to The current conflict situation in Kasese from April, 3, 2016 up to date (6th, April, 2016)

  1. Tusiime Rodgers says:

    But sincerely i have never understood the intetions of that so called the king mumbere cause his conflicts may even fail be in history as we have failed to access his aims and objectives of kasese upraings but we can account for reasons for his failure more so i hear even if not from a sufficient and reliable source that he wanted to make a sesession and so to create Yira Republic

  2. Tusiime Rodgers says:

    But honestly why should Mumbere cause massive killings and shed blood of our UPDF officers buty i pity the most common ignorant and premitive royal guards who are dying for the selfish merciless and non nationalistic Charles Mumbere for his un realistic dreams

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