Landmark Events in the Rwenzori Region

 The compiled timeline of Landmark Events for the Rwenzori region dates from March 19th,1822  up to date. It contains conflict and  violence events in the region. The timeline acts as  guide to RFPJ and her stakeholders  to inform their interventions in their work of peace building, conflict management and development in Rwenzori region. RFPJ presents the time line as follows.


27th, November, 2016 Uganda Defense Forces (UPDF) and other security organizations surround the palace of King Charles Wesley Mumbere of Obusinga Bwa Rwenzururu (OBR) requesting him to disarm his royal guards and declines leading to the storming of the Buhikira royal palace arresting him and airlifted to Kampala. This incident has left about 55 people dead, about 15 police officers and the part of the royal palace destroyed during the scuffle of disarming the royal guards and the arresting of the Omusinga.
26th November, 2016 Skirmishes start round the royal palace of OBR between Police and royal guards of the Rwenzururu King Charles Wesley Mumbere are engaged in running gun battles. By the end  of this day, the death toll had reached 14 since

Thursday (24th, November, 2016) when the army and police attacked a training camp in Kabarole District and killed eight attackers.

26th November, 2016 Two police officers (the officer in charge of a police station and the officer in charge of criminal investigations.) are killed in an attack in Maliba Sub-county in Busongora North, Kasese District.  The two officers are killed by unidentified people.
26th November, 2016 Rwenzuzuru Queen, Ms Agnes Ithungu Nyabahole arrested and interrogated on security issues at Rwenzori Regional police headquarters in Fort Portal. The Queen was on her way to Kampala, she is later left to continue with the journey.
25th  November, 2016 Deployment of Uganda Defense Forces (UPDF) and other security organizations in Kasese municipality to monitor the situation as threatened by the Royal guards attached to the cultural institution of Obusinga Bwa Rwenzuru (OBR).
24th  November 2016 Uganda Peoples Defense Forces (UPDF) together with Police and other government security organizations carries out joint operation in Karangura Sub-County, Kabarole district where agents of the Kirumira Mutima organized criminal group had pitched camp in the two villages of Kamabale and Nyabuswa. Police and UPDF kill about 8 attackers.
21st November 2016 Leaders from Rwenzori Region that include a consortium of LC5 Chairpersons, RDCs, RPCs, DPCs, CAOs, DISOs, Representatives of the UPDF convened a regional Consultative meeting at Kabarole District Headquarters, Kitumba, East Division to discuss the conflict situation in Rwenzori region, openly share information and develop strategies that can promote peace.
November, 11th, 2016 The wife to the Omusinga wa Rwenzururu (OBR) hosts a dinner to call members of the community for peace initiatives. The initiative was to demonstrate on how she is committed to work for peace.
25th , October, 2016 Former youth combatant killed; On 25th, October 2016 at 5pm, police
shoots dead one Muhindo Bukapa in Kasithu sub county, Bughendera
County, Bundibugyo district.  Bukapa is an ex-combatant who
participated in the July 5th and 6th attacks that rocked Bundibugyo,
Kasese and Ntoroko districts.  There are different narratives
surrounding his death including claims that he; was on a police wanted
list but has always been eluding the police; had resumed his
involvement in subversive activities including recruiting and
radicalizing more youth into schemes of violence and; resisted arrest
and attacked the police that had come to arrest him. Other narratives
point a finger at the police for being “trigger happy” and shooting
dead an otherwise unarmed person.
19th , October, 2016 Omusinga celebrates his 50th coronation anniversary; on October 19th, 2016, His Majesty (HM) the Omusinga celebrates his 50th coronation anniversary at Booma grounds in Kasese district. The celebration was attended by a cross section of people and leaders from across the Rwenzori region, Democratic Republic of Congo and Mubende district.  On this day, HM the Omusinga, the Kasese District chairperson and the Kasese District woman MP expressed their reservations on the split of Kasese districts into Bwera, Hiima, Katwe and Kasese districts.
October, 13th -2016 Call for the split of Kasese district; the Daily Monitor Newspaper reported that the President had agreed to the proposal to split Kasese district into four districts of Bwera, Hima, Kasese and Katwe. The proposal was reportedly presented to the president by Kasese District National Resistance Movement (NRM) caucus, the NRM Executive Committee together with selected opinion leaders. The proposal to split the district is reportedly meant to address the issue of ethnic minorities, improve on service delivery and security and also improve on the supervision and monitoring of the Operation Wealth Creation project.
September 21st, 2016 International day of peace celebrated. The national celebrations were held in Bundibugyo, RFPJ participated in by creating awareness on peace building in the region.
September 19th, 2016  Tooro King celebrates his 21stcoronation anniversary; King Oyo Nyimba  Kabamba Iguru Rukidi IV celebrates his….coronation anniversary at Karuziika palace in Fort Portal.
September 17th -20th, 2016   RFPJ in collaboration with International Alert and other partners conduct a Youth Camp in Kasese district for political youth leaders and other leaders from cultural institution on peace building interventions.
14th –  15th April , 2016    RFPJ and International Alert conduct a Rwenzori region youth workshop for the youth from various categories on issues of peace building, violence prevention and conflict management. The workshop was concluded with the launching of the youth agenda titled, ‘sowing the seeds of peace in Rwenzori region”.  Present at the lunch were officials from RFPJ, International Alert, Cultural institutions OBB, OBR among others. The even took place at Ataco Country Resort-Fort-Portal.
On 7th April, 2016 UPDF deploys in Rwenzori region region that covers parts of Kasese, Kabarole, Ntoroko and Bundibugyo districts to hunt for attackers responsible for killings in the region.  In an operation code-named “Usalama Rwenzori (Peace in Rwenzori),” that will tentatively last 60 days, the army says it will dominate the ranges, flush out any criminal elements who have been killing and destroying properties. The deployment, according to the UPDF 2nd Division commander, Brig Peter Elwelu, was to restore sanity in the region and end the fear that has gripped residents for several weeks now. He said the soldiers will spend some time combing the slopes of Mount Rwenzori.
“The operation will be two-phased; to capture and dominate the mountains. We want an end to destruction of property and killings,” Brig Elwelu said at Rwamabale in Ntoroko District.
6th,  April, 2016 UPDF withdraws royal guards from Rwenzururu kingdom. Following the violent clashes that occurred between UPDF officers and Rwenzururu traditional royal guards on Sunday afternoon, all UPDF guards attached to the kingdom have been withdrawn. A source close to the kingdom that preferred anonymity due to the sensitivity of the matter, told this paper that Omusinga Mumbere was bitter about what happened. UPDF officers have consequently vacated his palace.
5th, April, 2016 President Museveni camps in Fort Portal since 5th, April 2016, Tuesday night, to meet several leaders in the region at the state lodge. They include cultural leaders from Kasese and Bundibugyo to discuss on the issues of the existing conflicts.
4th –April-2016 Rwenzururu king hands over to UPDF 3 guns. According to the king, the guns were used by the royal guards to defend the palace after a UPDF soldier who was guarding the palace shot and killed a royal guard after a scuffle. According to the king, the guns were used by the royal guards to defend the palace after a UPDF soldier who was guarding the palace shot and killed a royal guard after a scuffle. Army explains Rwenzururu palace shootings.
3rd-April, 2016 Royal guards attacks and kills two UPDF soldiers and one Boda Boda man. The army has explained the Sunday evening bloody clashes in which four people including two soldiers, a Rwenzururu Royal Guard and a boda boda rider died around the palace.The Mbarara-based Army Second Division spokesperson, Maj.Roland Kakurungu, said the clashes started when Rwenzururu Royal Guards ambushed two soldiers who were on foot on their way from Kilembe to their unit at Katadoba.
31st-March – 2016 RFPJ conducts a dialogue meeting in Kasese for peace building and reconciliation. The dialogue meeting was attended by all members who participated in the recent concluded elections from the level of local council LCIII chairperson the level of Member of Parliament.
31st-March – 2016 Police shot dead a royal guard in Kasese town by names of Yafesi Mugoye, a Rwenzururu cultural institution royal guard, around Shauri Yako market in Kasese municipality in the broad day light. The loyal guard was killed in an attempt to attach one the police officers who were in an operation on arresting some individuals.
31st-March – 2016 The Supreme Court Ruling 2016 on Mbabazi’s petition over the presidential elections. Mbabazi versus Museveni. The supreme court dismisses the petition.
29th, March, 2016 President visits Bundibugyo in the affected area to assess the conflict situation for the first time since the outbreak of the conflicts in the region. In his visit to Bundibugyo the president promises to call back the Omudingiya to UPDF and be sent for training.
March, 18th -2016


RFPJ conducts a dialogue in Kasese district for the losers and winners in the 2016 elections to talk peace, reconciliation and working together. The dialogue brought together participants who participated in LC IIIs seats, Mayoral seats and Members of Parliament seats in Kasese district.
March, 10th -2016 Post–Election violence in Hima Town Council –Kasese district that leaves four people dead. The contestation that caused the death stemmed from the victory of the Chairperson Hima town council who is seemed to be a Mutoro and the Bakonjo seemed to have not been in favor of him.  GISO’s house was burnt.
March, 10th -2016 Information is published in National Newspapers about the formation of the YIRA State by the Rwenzururu people and this causes national and regional tensions. The people of Rwenzuru are accused of organizing the formation of the state and many stakeholders are involved in the region to find out on the ideology.
March  2016 Eminent persons in Rwenzori region including (Rt. Rev. Reuben Kisembo- Bishop of Ruwenzori Diocese-Fort-Portal, Rt. Rev. Masereka Nserebende of Kasese Diocese, Rt. Rev. Mannington Bahemuka of Episcopal Charismatic Churches, Senior Pastor Joseph Maate the Zonal SDA Bundibugyo. Others included, Senior Presidential Advisors; Proof Edward Rugumayo, Mrs. Christine Muhindo, and some members from the civil society). The dialogue meetings were organized by Rwenzori Forum for Peace and Justice (RFPJ) and Kabarole Resource and Research Center (KRC) with leaders in Bundibugyo including Mr. Jolly Tibemanya – the incumbent LC V chairperson, Mr. Mutegeki Ronald the Chairperson LC V elect, Hon. Josephine Bonabana Barungi for women MP elect Bundibugyo Hon. Kibanzanga, Bughendera County MP elect, DPC and RDC Bundibugyo district.  The team  gave peace messages on two radio stations that is; UBC FM Bundibugyo and Development FM.
February, 27th , 2016 Post–Election deadly killings in Bundibugyo district. 12 people died following the declaration of the election results of the Bundibugyo district LC V chairperson results that pronounced the incumbent Mr. Jolly Tibemanya against the eventual winner Mr. Mutegeki Ronald. This contestation has left 12 dead, others injured and admitted in the hospitals, property destroyed and a lot of arrests and others internally displaced people in their district.
February 18th -2016     Uganda holds National General Elections that involved the election of the president and Members of parliament. Mr. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni is declared as the winner with 60.5 % defeating his second runs up Mr. Dr. Kiiza Besigye with 35% . Besigye is later put under house arrest to prevent him causing post- election violence. The international community, advocates for his release to the extent of extending a visit to his residence.  The delegation of the international community was led by the European Union officials.
December 21-22nd 2015 RFPJ launches the Youth and Women agenda in the districts of Kamwenge and Kabarole districts.
December, 2015 The Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development asks the pending coronation of Prince David Kijanangoma to be halted, saying he did not follow the right procedure required for the installation of a traditional or cultural leader.

In a statement dated December 23, Minister for Gender, Labor and Social Development Mr Muruli Mukasa advised Mr Kijanangoma and the people of Tooro to desist from organizing or attending the coronation.

July-9th December, 2015 The president directs a committee of religious leaders in Tooro to explore the challenges and solutions to the issues affecting Tooro. On 9th December 2015, the same year, a report was issued with various recommendations on resolving the Tooro Kingdom impasse.
October 2015 Mr. Busingye John loses NRM primary elections and ethno-political violence in Kasenda sub county results into the destruction of Katanda bridge that connects the two Sub-counties of Ruteete and Kasenda.
August  2015 Starting of party primaries. Parties in Uganda commenced selection of representatives to vie for various seats. In Kasenda sub-county in Kabarole district experienced violence and destruction of property after their candidates lost elections.
June 30th,2015  On RFPJ and KRC issue media statements in the New Vision calling upon all stakeholders to shun acts and omissions that fuel negative stereotypes, dehumanize others and rekindle the dark past.

April-May, 2015

Ivan Bwebale Rutakirwa Rwigi IV Agutamba passes on after battling with prostate cancer and in May same year, Apollo Bwebale the son to the late who was serving as an RDC for Nakasongola district, is installed as their new King assuming the name “Kyomya IV.”
April 21ST 2015 King Oyo visits Kasese by surprise. The Omusinga was unhappy with this since Oyo did not notify him.
February, 2015 Prince Kijanangoma the cousin to the Omukama (Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru) declares himself king on grounds that Oyo has been incompetent, as some group members from the Royal clan issued a letter of dethronement of King Oyo and supporting the Prince.
February 2015 NDI, RFPJ and UNNGOF start a project culminating into the development of the Youth and Women Agendas in the districts of Kabarole and Kamwenge respectively.
February 2015 To respond to the increased involvement of youth in occasions of conflict and violence, RFPJ and international Alert galvanize the youth and develop a regional youth violence prevention and peace building agenda (2015-2018).
February 19th -20th 2015 RFPJ and International Alert convene a tripartite meeting of three prime ministers of OBR, OBB and Toro Kingdom in Bushenyi district. The meeting was also attended by three (3) ministers from each cultural institution to explore ways of extracting the Youth from all occasions of violence.
February 2015 Omusinga Charles Wesley Mumbere and Omudhingiya Martin Kamya Ayongi meet at Kasunga 7 leaders retreat held at Spring’s International Hotel, Kasese Municipality.
February, 10th 2015 A group of Tooro youth (Amacumu ne’bitara) walks to Kampala to present a petition to The Speaker of Parliament on the return of Kingdom assets held by the Central government.
December, 2014 Omusinga and Omudhingiya meet in Mubende district for the first time under the auspices of the central government (Dr. Crispus Kiyonga). The meeting of two principals helped contribute to the reduction of interethnic tensions in the region.
November 20th, 2014 RFPJ and International Alert issued a media communique calling upon the three cultural institutions to support the youth in appreciating intercultural diversity after the One-day Rwenzori regional youth Camp held at St. Adolf On-going Formation Center in Fort Portal.
October, 19th 2014 The Omudhingiya and Omusinga meet. The two principals met at the 48th Coronation Anniversary of the Omusinga in Kasese District.
July  2014


Tooro kingdom massive grabbing of land from her subjects. The exact dates to be confirmed.
July 2014 OBR prime minister, Noah Nzaghale arrested alongside others arrested and released on bail. He was re-arrested and tried under the general court-martial for masterminding the July attacks. All were later acquitted.
July 4th and 5th 2014 Unidentified attackers armed with spears, machetes, and guns on July 5 simultaneously attack some government installations in the three districts of Bundibugyo, Kasese, and Ntoroko, and left over 100 people dead and several others injured.
July 30th 2014 The government recognizes Obudhingiya Bwa Bwamba as a cultural Institution with Omudhingiya Maj. Martin Kamya Ayongi as its King/ Head. The president attends the coronation ceremony.
Jun 27th, 2014 Attacks on Chali Born Victory Pentecostal Church in Kyegegwa district leaving two people dead and several others injured. These were linked to the ADF hence calling for the deployment of UPDF in the area.
March 20th  2014 DGF, RFPJ   and KRC start a project on Strengthening Conflict Prevention and Peace building Mechanism in the districts of Kases, Bundibugyo, Ntoroko, Kabarole and Kyenjojo
June 2013 Government directs Omusinga Charles Wesley Mumbere to cancel his visit to Bundibugyo in view to attend the annual “Peace day celebrations.”This was to prevent possible tribal clashes between Bamba/Babwisi and Bakonzo.
June 2013  Mumbere again organized the controversial visit to Bundibugyo District in spite of police advising him against it. His entourage was confronted and blocked by the police before being teargased.
August, 2012 King Oyo suspends Tooro Kingdom Constitution until a new one is put in place. This comes after he called for amendments to some sections of the constitution.
July, 2012 Attempts to make constructions on the Omusinga’s ancestral land in Kirindi (where the shrine had been opened), Busaru sub-county Bundibugyo district were blocked as the Bamba/Babwisi rose up in tensions against it.

June, 30th  2012

Mumbere travels to Bundibugyo, planted a tree, and opened a symbolic royal shrine on his ancestral land in Kirindi village, Busaru Sub-county.
June 2012 Mumbere travelled to Bundibugyo, planted a tree, and opened a symbolic royal shrine on his ancestral land in Kirindi village, Busaru Sub-county.


 Without state recognition, the Banyabindi in Kasese crown their own Elisha Mugisa Ateenyi as their Cultural commonly known as “Isebantu.”
July 1st ,2012 Without state recognition, the Basongora crown their own 72 year- old Ivan Bwebale Rutakirwa Rwigi IV Agutamba as their Cultural leader.
October 19th, 2009  The NRM government recognizes the Obusinga Bwa Rwenzururu (OBR) as a cultural institution with Omusinga Charles Wesley Mumbere as its King/ Head. The president attended the coronation ceremony.
2005 President Museveni institutes a ministerial committee led by Second Deputy Premier, Henry Muganwa Kajura to investigate the Rwenzururu claim for a kingdom. In the same year, a report (2005 Ministerial Report on the controversy surrounding Obusinga Bwa Rwenzururu Cultural Institution) was published that recommended government to officially recognize the Obusinga Bwa Rwenzururu (OBR).
June 8th 1998 Kichwamba Massacre; ADF attacks Kichwamba Technical Institute and over 80 students were burnt to ashes and several others taken as captives by the ADF bandits.
1996-2001 ADF launches its first attack against Uganda in the part of Western Uganda.
1993 The current NRM government of President Museveni restores Kingdoms through the Traditional Institutions Statute. Tooro Kingdom was restored with Omukama Kaboyo (the father to the current King Oyo) as its King.
1988 The National Front for Liberation of Uganda (NALU) led by Amon Bazira the former deputy minister during Obote’s Government declares a guerilla war. UPDF drives them to DRC, where the force eroded until the last remnants joined the Allied Democratic Front to form the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF).
1982 President Milton Obote negotiated a settlement with the Rwenzururu leaders in which they agreed to abandon the goal of secession in exchange for “a degree of local autonomy,” such as the appointment of Bakonjo and Bamba to government administrative posts.
1976 Amin’s government which was in power by then created the districts of Kasese and Bundibugyo to separate the Bamba, Bakonzo from Tooro.
1967 President Milton Obote’s government abolishes Kingdoms.
April 1962 Bakonzo and Bamba retreated to the mountain with bows, arrows, sticks and stones after the Milton Obote regime warned them against secession from Tooro administration.
March 19th,1962 Isaya Mukirania, Peter Mupalya and Yeremiya Kawamara walk out of the Tooro Kingdom Rukurato (Tooro Parliament) protesting the injustices against the other ethnicities in the kingdom and submitted their grievances to the King Kamurasi Rukidi which he out rightly refused to pay attention to.
1822 – 1865 Toro Kingdom was part of the large empire of Kitara, under the reign of the Bito dynasty, which dates back to the 16th century. Oral History has it that Prince Olimi Kaboyo Kasunsunkwanzi, son of the king of Bunyoro Kingdom, annexed the southern province of his father’s kingdom and declared himself king of this land, known as Toro. He was warmly received and accepted by the batooro, who accepted him as Rukirabasaija Omukama Kaboyo Olimi I. The new kingdom survived the early, tumultuous years of its infancy, and grew to enjoy well over a century of goodwill, peace and prosperity.