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Use of violent means is a recipe for disaster in the Rwenzori Region

This article elaborates on major pre and post 2014 schemes of violence that have characterized the Rwenzori region. In this elaboration, the article describes the nature of these different schemes, detailing the mode of fighting, tools used, actors involved and the costs these schemes have inflicted on the region. Lastly, the article appreciates existing tendencies

Brief from RFPJ on emerging issues in the Rwenzori Region. What is at stake (December 1st, 2016)

On November 24th, 2016, Uganda’s military moved fast to demolish a camp that had been established allegedly by some subversive sections of Bakonzo youth in Kamabale village in Karangura Sub County in Kabarole district.  This sub county is located on the slopes of Mt. Rwenzori that separates Uganda from the fragile Democratic Republic of Congo