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The Pragmatic Imperative of Pursuing Victims’ Justice in the Rwenzori Region

Synopsis: In every scheme of violence and conflict reside a perpetrator (s) and a victim (s) within varying degrees. These perpetrators and victims may interchangeably assume perpetrator and victim positions and/or may concurrently assume these positions. Building on the 2014 and 2016 violent attacks in the Rwenzori region, this reflection postulates that the pursuit of

Growing Radicalization in the Rwenzori Region; what are the drivers?

Radicalization may be described as a tool purposively used to create and/or strengthen one’s resilience and/or commitment to a particular cause normally in a manner that this resilience and/or commitment assumes a hard-line stance. Those who accept and or find themselves radicalized gradually or instantly embrace the cause on which this radicalization anchors as a