RFPJ will be implemented in the Period of October-December 2016 the following activities;

1. Carrying out mass awareness raising on: the culture of tolerance, co-existence, non-violence, land, and the law governing land among  80,000 rural households (560,000 people) in the Rwenzori region by 2017.

The media activities have been aimed at raising awareness among the communities on tolerance, co-existence, non-violence, land rights, laws and policies governing land. In order to increase knowledge on these peace building interventions, RFPJ  has/and is conducting radio talk shows and drama series raise awareness on peace building and violence interventions in the region.

2. Conduct Training sessions of 40 ex-combatants each in conflict resolution skills.

Training the ex-combatants in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and Alternative Violence prevention (AVP) as a means to promote the spirit of tolerance, co-existence and peaceful conflict resolution mechanism in Rwenzori region. The ex-combatants comprise of the youth who were granted amnesty in 2014 after allegedely got involved in the 2014 attacks in Kasese and Bundibugyo.

3.  Conduct 4 training sessions for ADR structures like Bakhulubabulambo, Edlers, and RDCs in managing conflicts and land laws.

RFPJ has been conducting training sessions for elders in managing land conflicts. The training have been conducted in Kabarole, Kasese, Bundibugyo, Ntoroko and Kyenjojo to raise awareness and proposing possible means of reducing land conflicts that are a  main cause of conflicts in Rwenzori region.

4.  Conduct 4 training/orientation sessions on Land laws/regulations for LCs, Police, women and Youth Councils.

The training have been conducted in Kabarole, Kasese, Bundibugyo, Ntoroko and Kyenjojo to raise awareness and helping these local leaders identify their responsibilities and roles while handling land issues and conflicts as well. To equip the local leaders with basic land laws to guide them in dealing with land conflicts  handled at  village levels.

5. Conducting  RFPJ Annual General Meeting (AGM) in December, 2016.

This meeting will be attracting participants from the member organizations of RFPJ.

6. Conducting a study the the Contribution of women in violence prevention and peace building in the Rwenzori region.

2 Responses to Activities

  1. Peace is an important aspect of life. The example of the parts of the body can give us reasons why building peace is very vital. Parts of the body work together to bring good results of the specific activity by the same body. Together with you we can build peace at whatever cost. Remember peace and justice as well begin with you as an individual and then spread to the rest of your environment. Participation in RFPJ peace building activities will not only change you as an individual but the whole community too.

  2. Mukasa Akim says:

    Being a Masters student in Sustainable Peace and Conflict Management at Uganda Martyrs University Nkozi,i have gotten to realize that Peaceful co existence backed by natural resources like the endowments in Kasese are full throttle drive to development and region-actualization factors. Infighting draws us back to the early days of civilization and domination and yet we have got a one-way ticket to modernization and paving way to a brighter future for the young-ens who still wished to join the army when armored military vehicle spoiled the terrain of their sub counties on 26-27 November last year. #Peaceful co-existence is a symbol of Worship

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